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Online Classes & Homework


How it Works!

Online Hope Program:


By participating in the online Hope Program you will earn mommy dollars! 

Each time you complete a worksheet for your class, you will receive mommy dollars. There are a variety of ways to earn credit to buy everything you need for your baby until he/she is one year old, which can be viewed on the Earnings List here.


On this page, you will find your online Hope class. You are given a class code for the section you are in: Prenatal, Newborn/ Infant, or Parenting. Click on your class, enter code, and start! Download worksheets, complete, and return.


Email completed worksheets to:


After worksheets are graded, mommy dollars can be picked up at the center. Shopping appointments can be made by calling: 281-427-2273


*Totals vary for online classes

Online Classes

*Complete and turn-in 1 lesson of your class (Prenatal, Newborn/ Infant, or Parenting) , 1  Additional Class Assignment (Relationship or Questions on John), and 1 Bonus Work per week*

 Email completed worksheets to:

Additional Classes



Bonus work

My Birthing Plan



My Goals

Create a list of your 5 goals during this pregnancy


Marriage Tips


Read these pages and fill in the blanks at the bottom.

How to be an Active Dad


Read the text, list 12 ideas to do with children without money and tell which one you like to do the best and why.

Bible Memory Work

$5m for each verse quoted by memory


Faith Scripture List


Salvation Scripture List


Common Scriptures List

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