How it Works!

The Main Idea:


By participating in the Hope Program you will earn Mommy Dollars. 

Each time you attend classes, you will receive "mommy dollars". When doing extra homework, you earn "mommy dollars". There are a variety of ways to earn credit to buy everything you need for your baby until he/she is one year old.


On this page, you will find some extra credit homework & attendance sheets that you can download and complete.


When you have them completed, turn them in on Tuesday evening when you attend classes to receive your Mommy Dollars.



Extra Homework


Below are links to the brochures on-line which you can view, or you can obtain them at The Center.

You may down-load & print the homework.


Turn in lesson      $2m

Return brochure: $2m


Your Newborn's Emotions

Homework Lesson 4.4   


Your Loving Touch

Homework Lesson 5.1


Caring for Your Body After Childbirth

Homework Lesson 5.4


The Importance of Nurturing Your Baby

Homework Lesson 6.1


The Wonderful Talents of 

Your Newborn Baby

Homework Lesson 6.5

Complete & turn in:


My Birthing Plan



My Goals


Marriage Tips


Read these pages and fill in the blanks at the bottom.

How to be an Active Dad


Read the text, list 12 ideas to do with children without money and tell which one you like to do the best and why.

Bible Memory Work

$5m for each verse quoted by memory


Faith Scripture List


Salvation Scripture List


Common Scriptures List

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