About our Classes...

Once you sign up for the classes, you will be able to come once or twice a week to classes. As you finish one set of classes, you can start the next one. Betty Unruh will help you through this process.

The HOPE Program Classes are taught by several well-trained, volunteer instructors. 

The curriculum offers students a wide variety of subjects, each one geared to help improve 

parenting skills and increase self-confidence.

Class Schedules
Current Class Schedule is as follows:

Tuesday Evenings:         6 p.m.     Prenatal Class

                                        6 p.m.     Newborn/Infant Class

                                        6 p.m.     Biblical Parenting Class              

                                        7 p.m.     Alternately:

                                                          * Bible Class

                                                          * Relationships

                                                          * The Basics

Wednesday                     1 p.m.     Growing in Grace Bible Class

(call for dates)                                Abortion Recovery  

1st Thurs of month          7 p.m.     Spanish Prenatal Class


Childcare is provided on Tues evening for children ages 1-5

by school teachers



Newborn/Infant classes: 

  • This class is geared for our clients who are new mothers.

  • Mrs. Sandy Allen facilitates this class using Heritage House curriculum:

  • This curriculum covers subjects such as:

    • Your newborn’s emotions

    • Understanding your baby’s cry

    • Eye contact means love

    • Adjusting to parenthood

    • Child development – newborn through six months

    • Importance of bonding

    • Parent/child relationship

    • Introducing solids foods

    • Learning through play

    • Quality childcare

    • CPR for infants by a certified instructor

    • Emergency first aid/illness and accidents


Parenting classes:

  • This class is designed for clients whose children are six months to one year

  • This class also includes community participants, some who are referred through the legal system

  • This class is being taught by Dave Unruh using Heritage House curriculum and some subjects are:

    • Shaping influences

    • God orientation

    • Getting to the heart of behavior

    • Children live what they learn

    • Type of communication

    • Discarding unbiblical methods of communication

    • Embracing Biblical methods of communication

    • Appeal to conscience

    • Building on obedience

    • Critiquing your goals​

Bible Study Classes:

  • Two Bible study classes are taught each week.

  • The Tuesday evening class is taught by Bill Allen (Relationships) & Don Netherland (The Basics)

  • The Wednesday daytime Bible study is taught by Teresa Ackerman

Monthly: Dr. R. Diggs 

  • Causes of nausea

  • Miscarriage and prevention

  • Induction of labor

  • Delivery

  • STDs

Monthly: Matt Potter MPH, RD, LD

  • Maintaining proper weight gain

  • Foods to avoid

  • Importance of food safety

  • Daily food choices to help development of baby

  • Eating to avoid miscarriage

  • Health food choices for Mom and baby

Monthly: Emily Rich, a nurse employed by SJMH, facilitates the Prenatal class.

Monthly, 1st Thurs: SPANISH-

  • Gabby Machala & Selene Boggs Spanish Newborn/ Infant Class

  • Janet Lopez & Paty Spaulding Prenatal Class

Every 5th Tuesday of the month:

Special speakers come in and talk to the combined classes about continuing education, postpartum depression, finances and shaken baby syndrome and more.

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"At first I didn't know how I was going to manage with a baby on the way, but now that she is here, I feel like everything is alright as long as I have her....I could have only $.25 in my pocket and as long as I have my baby, I'd be happy. I'm so glad that I had the support in the beginning to see me through the pregnancy."


"I appreciate all of the help you have given me. I am very blessed to have met you. Your classes have helped me make some good decisions. Thank you for all of your help and for keeping me in your prayers."

"My baby is now one year old and I've been able to get everything thing I've needed for him through the Hope Program. I'm so proud that I was able to earn everything myself."