Join the Hope Program

Join the Hope Program

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Homework for Extra Credit

Homework for Extra Credit

Join the Hope Program

Join the Hope Program

Welcome to

The Hope Program

The HOPE PROGRAM provides practical, caring support for moms-to-be who have come to the Pregnancy Resource Center East while pregnant.



The HOPE PROGRAM is on-going support for mothers who enrolled while pregnant until their baby is one year old. Fathers are welcome and encouraged to participate. 


Clients receive instruction through a variety of media (classroom, videos, take-home lessons, Bible and books) and may earn Mommy Dollars which can be exchanged for items in the Hope Program's store or at The Cookie Jar Resale Shop that is run by the Center.


Please, take a look around our site and learn more...



* Prenatal 

* Newborn/infant classes

* Guest Speakers

* Bible Study

* Growing in Grace class

* Abortion Recovery (call for dates)



* Earn 'Mommy Dollars' through attending classes

* Learn good work ethics; earning & providing

   for your baby

* Purchase material items such as cribs, diapers, clothes and more  at the Hope Store or The Cookie Jar Resale Shop with 'Mommy Dollars'

Welcome to The Hope Program. We're happy that you chose to parent your baby and we want to do all we can to help you. This program helps you prepare for the birth of your baby and the responsible decisions you'll be making.

I'll be guiding you through the program and help you find everything you need.

---Julia Blackwell, Hope Program Coordinator

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Opening hours

Tues:   9 am -  8 pm

Wed:   9 am  -  5 pm

Thurs: 9 am -   8 pm

Fri:      9 am -   5 pm

Sat:     9 am - 12 pm


Pregnancy Resource Center East

1610 James Bowie Dr

Suite B108

Baytown, Texas 77520


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